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Disadvantages of tempered glass

Hopson Glass Group Co., Ltd | Updated: Jun 28, 2016

Disadvantages of Tempered Glass

1. tempered glass cannot be cut and processed only in front of the steel is machined to shape the glass, tempered.

2. the strength of tempered glass is stronger than ordinary glass, tempered glass self (own rupture) the possibility of ordinary glass does not exist the possibility of explosion.

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3. There is a jagged surface of tempered glass (wind spots), there is a slight thickness. Thinning of the reason is because the glass hot-melt soften, after strong wind makes its rapid cooling, so that the gap between glass crystal is less pressure, so the glass in tempered than in front of the steel to be thin. General 4~6mm glass after tempering thinning thinning 0.2~0.8mm,8~20mm glass after tempering 0.9~1.8mm. Specific degrees according to equipment to decide, and that's why mirror glass cannot do.


4. tempering furnace (physical tempering) after flat glass for building General deformation, deformation process decided by equipment and technicians. To some extent, influenced the decorative effects (special needs).

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