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Insulating Glass

Hopson Glass Group Co., Ltd | Updated: Aug 27, 2016

Insulating GlassInsulating Glass

Insulating glass is the excellent solution to energy-saving, environmental protection, comfort and creativity of the world. Glass doors and windows are the primary means of communication both inside and outside buildings, lighting, viewing, decoration is a basic requirement for the glass, energy saving and environmental protection is the further demands on the glass doors, and lead to increasing community.

Insulation Make your Life Better

If we do not open the windows when the convection of air, in a sealed room the Indoor and Outdoor majority of the heat exchange goes through the glass window. The large indoor and outdoor heat exchange means that the large influx heat no needless to the summer indoors flood in indoors; in winter there's a lot of valuable energy flowing outside. This will enable both indoor climate severe environmental degradation, and air-conditioning, heating energy consumption increased substantially.

It's our missions here at Hopson Glass to help you with all your glass needs.

Insulating glass is manufactured through sealing two or more float glass with high-strength air-tightness composite viscose. There are aluminum alloy partitions filled with drying agents between the sheet glass, which makes the air inside the glass very dry, butyl rubber seal is used as the first line, the second seal use glass or plastic polysulfide adhesive on the basis of the used framework of the glass. The space between the glass and glass is isolated from the outside world by sealant, there is a special gas or air, insulating glass has good performance of heat insulation and noise insulation.

Common insulating glass is manufactured through sealing two or more float glass with high-strength air-tightness composite viscose. There are aluminum alloy partitions filled with drying agents between the sheet glass, which makes the air inside the glass very dry, reducing the thermal conductivity, preventing the losses of heat transmission and realizing the effect of energy conservation.

Insulating glass filled with special gas:

By the process of charging vertically and rapidly argon gas, krypton gas and other inert gases are charged into the hollow glass. In this way, the thermal conductivity is effectively reduced; and the water-tight and air-tight and air-tightness of glass clearance as well as the useful life hollow glass are ensured.    Insulated glass system is a kind of full hollow glass curtain system which became popular all over the world in 1990s.

Insulated glass system has higher requirements for enterprises engaging in deep processing of glass. Our company has rich experiences in manufacturing of insulated glass.

Low-E insulating glass filled with insert gas:

The film of LOW-E glass is able to block the heat radiation effectively. The low-E hollow glass filled with insert gas can further reduce the direct transmission of heat energy and reduce the thermal transmission coefficient of glass greatly. For example, the U value of common hollow glass with same specification is 3.0 W/m².K, reducing 67%.

To manufacture LOW-E insulating glass

the glass deep processing enterprises must satisfy every stringent requirement. We execute the European standards in the processes of cutting, grinding, cleaning, drying, toughening, film removing of edges, bending of aluminum division bar and automatically charging molecular sieve and hollowing. By now, it has passed the strict manufacturing assessment system and is now regularly accepting the supervision and guidance of technical expert of European known enterprise.

Besides, in order to reach different effects, hollow glass can also be combined with coated glass, toughened glass and laminated glass to form various composite products.

Insulating Glass Features:

  • 1. Good insulation properties (K Value for ordinary insulating glass (K= thermal conductivity) is up to 3.0 and 5.8 for monolayer glass), can largely cut energy consumption.

  • 2. Low moisture permeability, will keep the indoor temperature and to avoid the glass frosting.

  • 3. Insulating glass is up to -50 ° C can reduce outside noise of 30 dB.

  • 4. Good anti-aging properties, the usage life will be more than 10 years.

Dimensions of Insulating Glass:

  • Max. Size: 2400 MM X 3600 MM

  • Min. Size: 300 MM X 300 MM

  • Thickness of aluminum frame: 4 MM, 9MM, 12MM, 16MM ~ 19 MM

  • Thickness of insulating glass: 3MM ~ 19MM.

Type of Insulating Glass:

  • Ordinary transparent flat insulating glass

  • various coating insulating glass

  • tempered insulating glass laminated

  • insulating tempered glass

  • parallelogram insulating glass

  • various arc insulating glass

Insulating Glass Relative Glass:

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