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Manufacturer supply 3-19mm flat bent tempered-glass for door & window with 3C/CE/ISO certificates

Hopson Glass Group Co., Ltd | Updated: Apr 01, 2017

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Key Specifications/Special Features:

What is toughened or tempered glass?
Tempered glass refers to a type of security glass commonly used in places and equipment where a standard glass poses danger
This glass is about five times more robust compared to normal glass
In addition to that, on falling it does not break into shards
It is crafted using a long process involving heating and fast cooling that makes it stronger than the standard glass
Features of tempered glass

1. Strength: tempered glass has about five times more strength than the normal glass with similar thickness and size
It has a tensile strength of 65MPa, a bending strength that ranges from 120-200N/mm² and a surface compression more than 95MPa
2. Excellent thermal strength: tempered glass has a much better thermal strength than that of standard glass that enables it to bear temperature changes of around 250°C
3. Safety: it is also known as safety glass, as it is extremely hard to break tempered glass and in case it does break, it breaks up into safe globules rather than shards
4. Resistance & processing: its resistance to any surface damage is similar to that of annealed glass
As it is extremely robust, it is nearly impossible to cut or alter clear tempered glass
5. Breakage pattern: the breakage pattern of tempered glass is different, too
If a part of tempered glass somehow fails, the whole panel will shatter at once
Also, tempered glass often fails quite later after the certain event that resulted in the failure took place
Once a part fails, it triggers stress that begins traveling to the entire board and breaks it up

Where to use tempered glass?
Toughened glass is used when strength, thermal resistance, and safety are important considerations
  • Windows (large window, sliding window and more)

  • Doors (sliding doors and more)

  • Platform awning

  • Transparent roof

  • Fire department access panels

  • Stairways and hand-rails

  • Office partition or room dividers

  • Reflection glass curtain wall

  • Thickness: 3mm - 19cm

  • Size: 2,440 * 4,000 meters (96 * 157”), 2,850 * 5,000 meters (112 * 196”)

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