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Analysis Of Construction Scheme Of Glass Railings
Hopson Glass Group Co., Ltd | Updated: May 27, 2017

First, the characteristics of glass railing:

Zinc steel Glass Railings is made of zinc alloy material, the installation of all the popular combination of interpenetrating process (no welding interspersed combination), any connection are used high-strength connectors.

Second, the construction preparation:

1, Glass Railings familiar with the drawings, do a good job of glass railing construction technology to the end;

3, the construction environment has been able to meet the needs of Glass Railings construction; 4, on-site power supply should be consistent with the installation of the work of the design and implementation of the "civil design" and "civil design guidelines" on the Glass Railings and size requirements for production and processing; Power requirements.

Third, zinc steel railings operating process

1, the process

(180 ~ 200 ℃) → cooling (30min) → packaging → transportation → the entire flow of operations simultaneously semi-finished product protection.

2, the main construction methods:

①, before the construction should be familiar with the drawings and reconnaissance site; 

②, according to the drawings selected design requirements material;

③, according to the design drawings and on-site lofting, accurate review of the size of the components;

④, the above conditions are available, according to the length of a variety of rods and other accurate cutting operations such as water;

⑤, packaging marked semi-finished product size and the use of parts, easy to install operations.

Fourth, the quality of technical requirements, material requirements

1, the production of glass railing, the installation must meet the relevant national standards and related quality acceptance requirements, and to ensure that through the relevant state departments of the inspection, acceptance;

2, in accordance with the relevant national acceptance criteria for construction, to ensure the quality of the project and the installation to meet the requirements of Party A and the owners.

  Five, should pay attention to the quality of matters

1, in-depth understanding and familiar with the design drawings;

2, material selection in strict accordance with the requirements of design drawings;

3, accurate review of the size of the components;

4, processing, transportation and installation process, should pay special attention to gently, do a good job on semi-finished products, the protection of finished products.

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