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Analysis Of The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Sliding Doors Glass
Hopson Glass Group Co., Ltd | Updated: May 27, 2017

For the choice of the door frame, we have to consider a lot of factors, such as practical, convenient, beautiful, etc., like our common sliding door glass, it is a lot of family welcome, why is it popular, what advantages, Of course, there are advantages at the same time there are some shortcomings, we look at the sliding door glass which advantages and disadvantages it?

Sliding door glass, different from the aluminum doors, steel doors and other ordinary doors of the biggest features, it is not the door around the consolidation of the border, push and pull the form of the door to open more convenient and fast, but also reduced the door pair Space occupancy rate. Frameless sliding doors are made of 8 to 12mm tempered glass doors, up and down with decorative boxes, tempered glass door hinge fixed or directly connected with the fixed parts, the ground to be buried in the spring. Made of glass made of, so the light is very good, through the visual effects to increase the housing space. Xiaobian below for everyone to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of frameless glass door and structure.

Sliding door glass - advantages

Frameless glass sliding doors do not occupy the advantages of indoor space, simple and beautiful, large windows, wide field of vision, high light rate, the door of the force of the state is good, not easy to damage the characteristics. Can be relatively free to choose the door position, vents, gently push, open flexible, coupled with large pieces of glass, both to increase the indoor lighting, but also improve the overall shape of the building. Frameless glass sliding doors can be opened in a flat, easy to install and use screens, curtains.

Sliding door glass - shortcomings

Frameless glass sliding door ventilation area by a certain limit, can only open the side of the door, two doors can not open at the same time, compared to flat open the door ventilation area is only half of the ventilation is relatively poor. Frameless glass sliding doors have a strong practicality, cut off dust and noise, easy to clean and safe, to maximize the increase in light, help to increase the use of space space.

The general frame glass sliding door by the slide, pulley, door clip, glass doors, feet and other components, slide for the double groove type, pulley on both sides of the pulley, the middle of a pulley plug a bolt, Screw-in nuts, hanging nuts placed in the groove of the two pieces of the door, the two pieces of the lower part of the folder with a glass door, glass door and two pieces of folder between the folder with a cushion, the slide installed by the screw The door frame, the slide is mounted on the slide rail, the lower end of the glass door is installed in the concave foot, the two folders are fixed by the bolt and the nut is fixed by the bolt, and then tightened by the fastening nut.

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