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Automatic Doors For Elevators Glass
Hopson Glass Group Co., Ltd | Updated: Sep 30, 2017

Different elevators, regardless of what type of control, always press the car within the instructions, the station calls the signal requirements, up or down to start, starting, slowing down, braking, stop. Elevator control is mainly refers to the elevator prime mover and the door machine start, slow down, stop, running direction, finger layer display, floor call, car instructions, security and other command signals for governance. Manipulation is the way and means to implement each control link.Elevators Glass

Automatic door machine is installed on the top of the car, it is driving the car door opening and closing, but also through the mechanical linkage mechanism to drive the door and the car door synchronization opening and closing. In order to make the elevator door in the process of opening and closing to achieve fast, stable requirements, must be automatic door machine system speed adjustment. When using a small DC servo motor, the resistor series and parallel method can be used. The use of small AC torque motor, the commonly used eddy current brake speed control method. DC motor speed control method is simple, less heat when the low speed, AC door machine at low speed when the motor heat, the three-phase motor stall performance and insulation requirements are higher.Elevators Glass

The direction of the elevator control is based on the purpose of the elevator car passenger station instructions and the floor call signal and elevator floor location signal comparison, all in the elevator position signal above the car instructions and the station call signal, So that the elevator set up, and vice versa down.Elevators Glass

 Direction control links must pay attention to the following points: car call command priority over the layers of the call instruction and orientation. The elevator to keep the farthest floor of the passenger call the signal in the direction of the operation of the driver, when the elevator has not yet started running the case, the driver should be forced to change the direction of the possibility of elevator operation. In the inspection state, the direction of the elevator control by the inspection staff directly press the car inside the control box or car on the top of the button, the elevator can run, and when the release button, the elevator is stopped.Elevators Glass

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