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Construction Cost Of Elevators Glass
Hopson Glass Group Co., Ltd | Updated: Aug 30, 2017

    The hoistway and the car wall have at least the same side of the elevator, the passenger can watch the car outside the scene of the elevator. Mainly installed in the hotel, shopping malls, high-rise office space, one or several sides of the well wall and car wall side of the transparent material, passengers in the elevator, you can watch the car outside the scene.Elevators Glass

    The market is also no need to dig the bottom pit and bring their own screwdriver screw-type sightseeing elevator, simple and beautiful design, such a lift in the civil construction is no special requirements on the top of the height is almost unlimited, in the high-rise building complex, duplex apartment, Installation, and installation time is short.Elevators Glass

    The cost of the glass elevator shaft will be slightly higher than that of the ordinary concrete elevator shaft, with several elevator shafts installed. Glass is less expensive than concrete. Construction time is almost, have about 4 months, the choice of glass is mainly to take care of the views of low-level users, if the lower-level households agreed to install the glass, then the high-level households would rather spend more money. But regardless of the installation of glass or concrete, the first floor of the household is certainly not money, more than two layers by layer.Elevators Glass

    There are building architects that the glass elevator shaft in the latter part of the maintenance will be higher than the cost of concrete structures. Mainly because the advantages of the glass elevator shaft is not affected by the low-level residents of the lighting. But also because of light, coupled with the summer in Guangzhou is very hot, very strong light, the elevator may have a certain impact on the life of parts, so the installation of glass elevator before, be sure to let the owners understand the cost of maintenance and Cost, how to share, to avoid future new contradictions.Elevators Glass

    Some people want to use the glass directly to do the elevator will not be used for emergency escape, the situation is useful to do the elevator door, the glass is also a high safety factor of the tempered glass, not human can break. When the elevator fails, the safety in the elevator is much greater than the outside. Many elevator accidents are the people inside the elevator eager to get out, regardless of the risk of Pa door after the door caused. So the elevator encountered a failure, first of all to wait for the rescue, rather than their own ideas to leave the elevator.Elevators Glass

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