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Curtain Walls Features
Hopson Glass Group Co., Ltd | Updated: Sep 30, 2017

Glass curtain wall can reduce the indoor artificial lighting during the day, the glass has other materials unparalleled uniqueness - transparency, natural light through the glass into the room, so that indoor light enough to create a bright environment, during the day may not need or reduce Indoor artificial lighting, to achieve the purpose of energy conservation.

Under normal circumstances, endothermic glass absorption of infrared, the reduction of 20% to 30% of the amount of solar energy into the room to reduce the heat, with thermal insulation. Curtain Walls

New low-E coated glass (Low-E glass) with excellent energy-saving effect allows nearly 70% of solar visible and near-infrared light to pass through, facilitates natural light lighting, saves lighting costs, and has far more Low radiant. From indoor and outdoor high temperature objects of heat radiation is difficult to pass through the glass radiation in the past, can block the indoor heat radiation exchange, with good insulation properties. In addition, the use of insulated aluminum bridge, hollow glass and high-quality accessories, but also for the glass curtain wall insulation performance provides a reliable guarantee.Curtain Walls

One is the large area of the use of curtain wall glass, especially the large area of the use of coated glass products, the sun shines, coated glass from different angles reflect the light of pedestrians, drivers, residents dazzling, resulting in serious light pollution The Curtain Walls

The second is security. Since the development and utilization of glass curtain wall has been for decades, the quality assurance period of glass, especially insulating glass, is only 20 years. Some cities, especially large and medium-sized cities such as Beijing and Shanghai, are the first large-scale cities to use hollow glass curtain wall The A large number of curtain wall glass service, if it is replaced, often resulting in human, material and other resources waste, but if not replace the potential risk factor will continue to increase.Curtain Walls

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