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Description Of Glass Railings Size And Maintenance Method
Hopson Glass Group Co., Ltd | Updated: Jun 14, 2017

    The glass area of the glass railing (length, width) is related to the strength of the glass, the type of glass, the thickness of the glass, the loading site, the type of load, and so on. So the glass for the construction of the fence in addition to considering the safety of the human body, but also the glass strength design, the calculation of glass adjacent two aspect ratio of the maximum permissible span; outdoor fence glass also need to wind pressure and earthquake The role of the design, can determine the use of glass size.Glass Railings

    The choice of glass: indoor fence glass should meet the following requirements:Glass Railings

1, with columns and handrails, fence glass as a mosaic panel installed in the fence system, the fence glass should be used in accordance with the provisions of the laminated glass;2, the fence glass fixed to the structure and directly bear the body load of the fence system, the fence glass should meet the following requirements:3, when the lowest level of the fence glass from the side of the floor height of not more than 5m, should use the nominal thickness of not less than 16. 76mm steel laminated glass.4, when the lowest level of the fence glass from the side of the floor height greater than 5m, shall not use such a fence system.5, outdoor fence glass should be designed for glass wind pressure, seismic design requirements of the region should consider the combination of seismic effects, and should comply with the provisions of this regulation.

    Laminated glass is glass and glass and / or plastic materials, separated by the middle layer and through the treatment to make it into one of the composite material collectively. Common and most of the use of glass and glass, separated by the middle layer and through the treatment of its bonding as one of the glass components.

    Safety Laminated Glass, in the case of crushing, the intermediate layer can limit its opening size and provide residual resistance to reduce the risk of cutting or injuring the laminated glass. Today, the application of railings more and more extensive, the application scene is also more and more. There are a wide variety of railings, stainless steel, solid wood, iron, plastic also have. A variety of materials with a special design of the handrail to create the effect of different, the same is very beautiful and practical. But then the beauty of things also need a good maintenance and then continue its beauty, lasting evergreen.Glass Railings

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