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Development Of Building Curtain Walls
Hopson Glass Group Co., Ltd | Updated: Jun 29, 2017

           Building curtain wall is not load-bearing external walls, usually by the panel (glass, metal plate, slate, ceramic plate, etc.) and the back of the supporting structure (aluminum beam column, steel, glass rib, etc.) composition.Curtain WallsCurtain Walls

          With the increasing competition of building curtain wall industry, mergers and acquisitions and capital operation of large-scale building curtain wall are becoming more and more frequent, and the domestic excellent building curtain wall production enterprises pay more and more attention to the research of the industry market, especially to the development environment of enterprises and the change of customer demand trend. Because of this, a large number of domestic outstanding building curtain wall brand rapid rise, and gradually become the building curtain wall industry leaders!

           As of the end of 2010, the total output value of China's construction curtain wall industry rose to 150 billion yuan from 2005 to 62 billion, the growth rate reached 142%, and the annual average growth rate was 19%, showing an extremely strong development trend. The number of practitioners has also developed to more than 90,000 people, the size of the number of enterprises up to 367.Curtain Walls

          China's construction curtain wall industry starting from 1983, is the product of China's economic restructuring, compared with other traditional industries, the young curtain wall industry by the planned economy system is relatively small. Development has gradually formed a private enterprise group, Sino-Foreign joint ventures, joint-stock, limited liability companies, and many other forms of enterprise form; the competition pattern with non-public economy as the main body has gradually formed.Curtain Walls

          Analysis of production and market trend of building curtain wall industry: during "Twelve-Five" period, China will vigorously develop energy-saving related industries, and the construction of 570 million square meters of building energy-saving transformation, which is undoubtedly a rapid development of the building curtain industry opportunities. China's curtain wall industry after many years of development, production and sales of the rapid development trend, has become a global curtain wall manufacturing and use of large countries. China's curtain wall production and installation of various types of building walls each year about 55 million square meters, the annual output value of nearly 120 billion, the total market has accounted for more than 60% of the world.Curtain Walls

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