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Elevators Glass You Know The Nature Of Plexiglass
Hopson Glass Group Co., Ltd | Updated: Sep 20, 2017

     Characteristics of plexiglass: high transparency. Plexiglass is currently the most excellent polymer transparent materials, light transmittance reached 92%, than glass light transmittance. The solar lamp, called the artificial small sun, is made of quartz, because quartz can completely penetrate ultraviolet rays. Ordinary glass can only penetrate 0.6% of ultraviolet rays, but plexiglass can penetrate 73%.Elevators Glass

    High mechanical strength. The relative molecular weight of plexiglass is about 2 million, it is a long chain of macromolecule, and the formation of molecular chain is very soft, therefore, plexiglass strength is higher, tensile and impact resistance than ordinary glass 7~18 times higher. Elevators Glass

     There is a heating and stretching process of plexiglass, wherein the molecular chain is arranged very orderly, so that the toughness of the material significantly improved. Nails into this plexiglass, even if the nails penetrate, plexiglass does not produce cracks. The plexiglass is also not broken into fragments after it is penetrated by a bullet. As a result, the extruded plexiglass can be used as bulletproof glass and as a cockpit cover for military aircraft.Elevators Glass

     Light weight. The density of plexiglass is 1.18KG/DM3, the same size of material, its weight is only half of ordinary glass, metal aluminum (belonging to light metal) 43%. Easy to process. Plexiglass can not only use the lathe for cutting, drilling drilling, but also with acetone, chloroform, such as bonding into various shapes of the apparatus, but also with blow molding, injection, extrusion and other plastic molding process into the aircraft canopy, small to dentures and braces and other products of all kinds.Elevators Glass

     Characteristics of tempered glass: strength: The mechanical strength, impact resistance and flexural strength of tempered glass can reach 4-5 times of ordinary glass. Thermal stability Improvement: Tempered glass can withstand a large temperature difference without breakage, resistance to variable temperature difference is the same thickness of ordinary float glass 3 times times. Elevators Glass

     Safety improvement: After the toughened glass is damaged by the strong, the micro-obtuse angle particles are quickly presented, thus guaranteeing the personal safety maximally. Application: Furniture, electronic and electrical appliances industry, construction, decoration industry, bath room, automobile, escalator, and other places with special need of safety and change of temperature difference, and can be used as the original piece of insulating glass and laminated glasses.Elevators Glass

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