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How To Buy A Good Sliding Doors Glass
Hopson Glass Group Co., Ltd | Updated: Jul 17, 2017

          1, Look at profile section: Now, market glass sliding door profiles can be divided into two types, aluminum-magnesium alloy and recycled aluminum. In general, high quality sliding door profiles need aluminum strontium, copper, magnesium, manganese and other alloy production, its tenacity has a greater advantage, the lower quality profile for recycled aluminum, its tenacity and service life will be far more than the aluminum-magnesium alloy profile sliding door. At the same time, when we buy, we must carefully separate, lest the business real.

          2, listen to the pulley vibration: Whether it is glass sliding door, or solid wood kitchen sliding door, will have up and down two sets of pulley. The upper pulley acts as a guide, because of the installation in the upper part of the track, so consumers will often ignore it, it is not known, usually better on the pulley structure is quite complex, not only the bearing, but also the aluminum block will be fixed two rounds, so that the directional smooth sliding, no noise.Sliding Doors Glass

          3, track height and edge fastness: The rationality of the design of the Earth rail directly affects the use of comfort and the use of life, consumers should choose when buying feet feel good, and conducive to clean and hygienic style. And the edge fastness to the choice of plastic strips, the most popular in the market today's plastic strips are: PVC rubber and Silica gel, silica gel Two kinds, it has obvious quality and decorative effect.Sliding Doors Glass

          4, the choice of safety glass: In addition to the wall door can not be transparent glass, other sliding door glass to occupy the majority, the quality of the glass directly determines the price level. The best choice of tempered glass, broken not hurt people, high safety factor. The outward appearance should be transparent and bright.

          5. Sample data: As we all know, the source of sliding door is divided into three kinds, domestic, domestic OEM and foreign import. Domestic glass sliding door products, its hardware, profiles and other raw materials are in the domestic production, assembly, the price is usually at 450 yuan/square meters below; and foreign imports of sliding door hardware, profiles are imported, product prices are relatively high, usually in 1000-3500 yuan/square meters, while domestic OEM refers to the use of foreign purchase of a brand trademark, but the product's hardware, profiles are mostly domestic production, assembly, its price generally in 450-1000 yuan/square meters. At the same time, we also need to pay attention to the purchase of samples of the cross-section and sample, the origin of the manufacturers of packaging, Web sites and other information, to avoid being deceived.Sliding Doors Glass

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