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Introduction To Glass Railings
Hopson Glass Group Co., Ltd | Updated: Sep 30, 2017

Outer railings are common safety facilities in life, usually set in the stairs, shore, roadside and other places need to pay attention to safety, play a role in protecting pedestrian vehicles, but also has a certain degree of decorative effect.There are many outdoor railings, common wood, stone, concrete, brick, tile, bamboo, metal, plexiglass and plastic. Leaked outdoor railing by the pole, armrest composition, and some with a crossed or floral. The physical railing of the body is made up of the fence, the handrail, and the partial airtight.Glass Railings

Outdoor railing design, should be considered safe, applicable, beautiful, save space and construction convenience. The intermittent outdoor railing consists of a column, a handrail and a crossbar. The handrail is supported on a pillar; the continuous railing has a continuous handrail consisting of handrails, railings and bases. The scene corresponds to the drawings to see the construction of the railing situation, including whether the building has been completed surface (to determine the railing to do the height), whether the scene railings segmentation and drawing the same.Glass Railings

Topcoat, after the primer is finished, spray the first finish, ground the sandpaper, followed by the third finish. The size of the glass must be measured in four sides, the rectangle is the best amount of diagonal. The glass size can not be scaled up for full size. Hole glass size measurement not only to the amount of four sides, but also the amount of glass outside the edge of the hole to the center of the distance. Glass need to use glue when fixed to pay attention to the need to use neutral glue, plastic construction must be full can not have a drum.Glass Railings

Glass installation, to determine the civil construction of the glass installation has no effect when the installation of glass. Clean the installation surface can not be like a stone and other hard objects, glass pads must be used for special glass pads, hard resin can not be used as a hard object instead. Glass with glass nails can not be too tight, too tight will make the glass burst. When installing the glass, pay attention to the protection of finished products.Glass Railings

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