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Stone Curtain Wall
Hopson Glass Group Co., Ltd | Updated: Jul 20, 2017

             Stone curtain wall is usually composed of slab supporting structure (aluminum beam column, steel structure, glass rib and so on), not bear the main structure load and effect of building envelope structure.Curtain Walls

             China's stone curtain wall is the world's largest production and use. Incomplete statistics, the domestic average annual stone decorative plate used for wall decoration around 25 million square meters, the stone curtain wall hanging about 140 million sets. Stone curtain wall has been on the rise in the domestic trend, the amount of pendants also increased, now the industry's most concern is the quality of the pendant, although the whole stone curtain wall pendant is just a small accessory, but it plays a 42 pull the weight of the role, can also be said in the entire stone curtain wall quality and safety issues in the pendant is one of the most important parts.Curtain Walls

             The advantages and disadvantages of stone curtain wall: 1. Natural materials, bright crystal, hard permanent, noble and elegant. 2. Frost Resistance: Stone in damp state, can resist freeze-thaw without significant damage, this performance is called Frost resistance. The water in the pores of the rock is at a temperature low to 20 o'clock, freezing, and the swelling of the pore water is 1/10 larger than the original volume, and if the rock cannot resist the power generated by such expansion, there will be damage. 3. Compressive strength: The compressive strength of the stone will vary depending on the mineral composition, crystalline thickness, homogeneity of the cemented material, the load area, the load and the angle of the cleavage. If the other conditions are the same, the dense material which is usually fine and bonded together is of high strength.Curtain Walls

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