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Technical Requirements For Glass Railings
Hopson Glass Group Co., Ltd | Updated: Jun 29, 2017

             Glass railings are usually three ways: 1. Glass directly into the long glass groove fixed, the force completely depends on the depth of the glass into the groove. The normal inlet size is in the S. 150mm. 2. Glass bottom into the glass groove fixed or glass clip, the upper side by two posts fixed 2 glass barge claw fixed. The force is positioned by the upper glass claw and the lower inlet glass. The conventional inlet size is in Sipe 50mm. 3. Glass is suspended by 4 glass claws on two upright posts.Glass Railings

             Technical requirements: The safety of glass should meet the requirements of design and specification. In general, the glass board requires a thickness of not less than 12mm of toughened glass or tempered glass (safety considerations are best with tempered glass); When the side of the guardrail from the ground floor height of 5m above, should use tempered glass. The thickness of the tempered laminated glass should be Siete 12mm and the thickness of the laminated film should be Biong. 76mm, usually $number. 76PV B tempered laminated glass. Chamfer, edging, polishing of Glass edge. Glass Independent inlet Fixed, the glass fixed installation should adopt the neutral silicone structure sealant, the glass to pass through the trough fixed trough depth should not be less than 180mm. Glass Clamp Fixed Glass clamp application 10 thick iron plate processing growth 150, deep 150 U-shaped clip, glass rely on rubber iron plate fastening screws pressed. such as glass on the column glass Claw fixed glass openings and column distance can not be greater than 120mm. The common thickness of flat steel column is Semine width Sham 70mm.Glass Railings

             GB50210 "Building decoration and decoration Engineering quality acceptance Code" requirements, "the railing glass should use the nominal thickness of not less than 12mm tempered glass or tempered glass." Tempered laminated glass should be used when the railing side is 5m above ground height. ”Glass Railings

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