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The Role Of Sliding Doors Glass And Precautions
Hopson Glass Group Co., Ltd | Updated: Aug 30, 2017

    Separate space. Sliding door no matter how different the style, there is no exception to play the role of space constraints and separation. Limited strength can be in accordance with the sliding door size, material, style, color may be. Opaque, dark color, hard material sliding door, with a strong separation of the intensity, to the space to a clear boundary, this sliding door for high-level large space of the larger interval; size is not material, Good permeability of the sliding door on the space of the low degree of restrictions, the spatial interface is not very clear, but in the space division to do the interval and keep the space to maintain a good liquidity, the level of more abundant. This sliding door for a variety of room space division and local space constraints.Sliding Doors Glass

     Block the line of sight. Sliding doors in accordance with the difference between the transparency of its material, with varying degrees of blocking the role of sight. Different functional areas of the different requirements of the visibility, the large space through the partition into a small space should also consider the issue of lighting, lighting requirements for the higher reading area can be used to promote a good sliding door.Sliding Doors Glass

    Proper sound insulation. The use of good quality hollow glass has a strong sound insulation effect. In addition to the soft fabric, sponge, foam materials have a certain sound-absorbing capacity, so decorated by these materials sliding doors also have a better sound insulation.Sliding Doors Glass

    Enhance privacy. Modern living room, bathroom, bedroom and other space is no longer as in the past, surrounded by a fixed four-sided brick wall. Personalized design, transparent glass bathroom is not uncommon. In order to take care of the privacy of life, the entrance of these areas can be played by the sliding door to play a block. Increase the spatial elasticity. Will be sliding door according to the use of requirements, structure, decorative style, at any time to start or move, space also with the points or together, bigger or smaller, with the subjective will more flexible.Sliding Doors Glass

    Whether it is glass sliding doors, or solid wood kitchen sliding doors, will have the upper and lower sets of pulleys. The upper pulley is guided by the installation of the upper part of the track, so the consumer is often overlooked, its unknown, usually better on the pulley structure is quite complex, not only the bearing, but also the aluminum block to be fixed Two rounds, so that the direction of smooth sliding, no noise.Sliding Doors Glass

     The rationality of the design of the ground directly affect the use of the product comfort and service life, consumers should choose a good foot feeling, and conducive to clean and sanitary style. And the edge of the fastness of the need for the choice of the tape, and now the market's most popular strips are: PVC rubber and silicone, silicone two, which has a clear quality and decorative effect.Sliding Doors Glass

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